Fallback erscheint für Switch

Für Ende 2021 geplant

News Release-Termin Michael Sosinka

Der Publisher Microids und der Entwickler Endroad haben angekündigt, dass das 2,5D-Roguelike-Adventure "Fallback", das bereits für den PC erhältlich ist, Ende 2021 ebenfalls für die Nintendo Switch erscheinen wird. Ein Trailer stimmt darauf ein.

Features von Fallback

  • Explore Labyrinth Levels – The road to the surface from your underground purgatory is filled with secrets and obstacles: use your skills to find your way through thousands of randomly created 2.5D rooms.
  • Get Better, Run After Run – Earn experience fight after fight and improve your gear and skills to create one perfect fighter. Over 50 skills are unlockable for you to come back stronger and stronger after each death!
  • Face Terrifying Enemies – The Vesta robot army is filled with dangerous enemies: they are everywhere, they are numerous, and they will get tougher as you progress in your quest. Homing missiles, heavily armed colossus, automatic gun turrets, tenacious bosses… all are waiting for you in the depths of the Eden, to prevent you from reaching the surface.
  • Don’t Lose Yourself in the Abandoned Sector – This brand-new level—created especially for the Uprising update—filled with new enemies and radiating with a murky and shady atmosphere, will make you face your most intimate fears. Will you be brave enough to enter it, and strong enough to escape?
  • Choose a Fighter Adapted to Your Play Style – Six classes of fighters are available to annihilate your robotic foes. Attack speed, power, stealth, dodge… choose the fighter most adapted to your playing—and go on an adventure enjoying his specific skills!