Juli-Update für Forza Motorsport 7 zum Download

Forza Race Regulations ausgebaut

News Michael Sosinka

Um für einen fairen Online-Wettkampf in "Forza Motorsport 7" auf dem PC und der Xbox One zu sorgen, haben die Turn 10 Studios weiter an den "Forza Race Regulations" gearbeitet. Die Entwickler stellen im neu erschienenen Juli-Update die erste Iteration von kollisionsbasierten Strafen vor, im Spiel bekannt als "Vermeidbarer Kontakt".


Forza Race Regulations

  • The work on Forza Race Regulations (FRR) in Forza Motorsport 7 continues with the July 2019 update! This month, we’re introducing the first iteration of collision-based penalties – known in game as “Avoidable Contact” – into the FRR feature set. In July, the implementation of FRR avoidable contact penalties will be focused on penalizing the most egregious examples of contact (i.e. intentional ramming) in the game. The system will do so by considering several factors when judging contact between cars, including speed, position, and how the struck car is affected by the contact (i.e. whether it went off track, into a wall, etc.)
  • With the July update, the FRR development team has been intentional in trying to penalize the most obvious examples of ramming. Our goal has been to avoid “false positives” collision penalties as much as possible. As a result, players will notice that certain contact between cars that might realistically be deemed a penalty is not called out as in July.
  • July’s new FRR updates will be playable in both the Forza Race Regulations Cycled Production public hopper, as well as in private lobbies, where players have the option to enable the FRR rule set. Also new for August is the ability for players to select between “Collision Only” FRR rule set or “Track Cutting Only” in the options menu when setting up a private lobby. To do so, first enable Forza Race Regulations in a private lobby, then go under “Advanced Rules” and toggle between “All On” “Track Cutting Only” or “Collisions Only” in the Regulations Mode option.
  • In addition to the feature work around Avoidable Contact FRR penalties, the July 2019 update also introduces some changes to the game, including some updates to Free Play Drift event settings, FRR-related audio and UI improvements, and an update to the Mini Leaderboard where both distance and time penalties are shown at once, instead of flipping between the two.


  • Fixed an issue where, when assists were set to “Fuel & Tires”, the tire damage showed up in race, but fuel percentage did not.
  • End condition for Drift races is now set to “Number of Laps” by default (rather than “Time”).
  • In lap-based Drift events, scoring options is now set to “Bigger is Better” and “Compare Best Lap Scores” by default.
  • Fixed an issue where the Distance Ahead HUD display in Free Play would not display in a race with zero Drivatars.