Kostenloses Content-Update für Frostpunk verfügbar

A Christmas Carol

News Video Michael Sosinka

Die 11 Bit Studios haben mit "A Christmas Carol" eine kostenloses Content-Update für das Aufbau-Strategiespiel "Frostpunk" veröffentlicht, das unter anderem eine weihnachtliche Questline liefert (im Endlos-Modus). Im Changelog stehen die Details.

A Christmas Carol story:

  • is available in Endless Mode
  • adds a new Christmas themed quest line
  • lets you construct a new building
  • challenges you with new dilemmas
  • is free!

Fixes and additional changes:

  • Fixed an issue when "There was no Waldo" could be unlocked in New Home scenario
  • Fixed an issue when dismantling and reconstructing the Beacon during storm enables you to send scouts when the storm is still raging
  • Fixed an issue where you could upgrade buildings for free
  • Lighting changes and improvements to Faith buildings
  • Lighting changes and improvements to Canyon map
  • Some translation fixes
  • Additional minor fixes and optimizations