Title-Update 1.5 für Gears 5 veröffentlicht

Neue Charaktere im Trailer

News Video Michael Sosinka

"Gears 5" wird heute auf dem PC und der Xbox One mit dem Title-Update 1.5 versorgt, das unter anderem neuen Charaktere liefert. Im Changelog stehen alle Verbesserungen und mehr. Zudem sind passende Trailer verfügbar.


  • New Characters: COG Gear, DeeBee, Warden, and General RAAM - Grace, Rev-9 Terminator (Terminator: Dark Fate )

Changes and Fixes

  • Re-Ups will now also show in Scoreboards, Matchmaking Lobbies, the Social Panel and in the Post Match flow
  • Re-Ups no longer show 3 Re-Ups higher than you are in lobbies
  • Tour of Duty Medals now show their Stars value again
  • Re-Rolled Objectives will no longer award the same objective
  • Quitters in Ranked will now have a much reduced impact on Skill Rating calculations for other players in the lobby
  • Fixed a bug causing the Gnasher to use PVE tuning values for bullet magnetism range
  • Fixed a bug causing the Gnasher to still have bullet magnetism while ADS while Aim Assist is disabled
  • Fixed a bug causing bullet magnetism to still occur when using the double zoom on any weapon while Aim Assist is disabled
  • Bunker: Jack can now fly more consistently in the underground areas behind the ladders
  • Exhibit: Improved KOTH Spawns
  • Exhibit: In Escalation, the two center line placement diamonds no longer overlap
  • Forge: Incinerator now deals 1 million damage, reliably killing any creature or boss inside
  • Forge: The Incinerator no longer destroys any power taps or fortifications inside
  • Forge: Updated the location of some Power Taps
  • Reclaimed: Updated the location of some Power Taps
  • Harbor: AI can now correctly path into spawns
  • Bleeding damage will no longer be applied to the Matriarch unless she is shot in her weak point
  • Explosive Hijack no longer damages fortifications
  • Frag Grenades and Lancer GL Grenades now count towards the Get 15 Explosive Weapon Kills Tour Objective
  • Bumper scrolling through Characters in Escape and Horde lobbies will now allow you to tab through Characters regardless of duplicates present.
  • Tour of Duty: Power Hoarder Medal and Power Tour Objectives now include Power Tap, Forge and shared pickup gains rather than just your own pickups
  • Fixed an issue that could cause only a single placement award to be granted even though a user is tiered in multiple modes
  • Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause Quickplay playlists to skip the voting phase after the end of a match
  • Fixed an issue causing Character descriptions to display too low down in the Customization screen
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Host to enter first person view in Campaign under certain conditions
  • Fixed an issue where clicking Mark followed by Zoom too quickly would cause zoom to not initiate
  • Re-Up 20 now shows the correct roman numerals
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements


  • Arms Race Unchained is this week’s Versus Special Event playlist!
  • In Arms Race Unchained, you’ll play a shorter high action version of Arms Race in a first to 2 rounds format. The Arms Race Unchained weapons list focuses on new weapons introduced in Gears 5 with a couple of favorites mixed in – from the Lancer GL and Claw, to the Talon and Breaker.

Curbstomps Are Back!

  • In case you missed the news, every player in Gears 5 will get this Curbstomp free once Title Update 1.5 arrives on Wednesday!
  • We’ll have more Curbstomp variants to come in the future, including some old favorites we know you want to see make a comeback.