Halloween in Gears 5

Pumpkin Ball & neues Horde-Event

News Michael Sosinka

Natürlich finden auch in "Gears 5" Halloween-Aktivitäten statt. In dieser Woche wird beispielsweise "Pumpkin Ball" gespielt.


Auch in "Gears 5" steht Halloween auf dem Programm. Ab heute wird "Pumpkin Ball" gespielt, eine Dodgeball-Variante, die schon aus "Gears of War 4" bekannt ist. Ab nächsten Dienstag findet hingegen eine spezielles Horde-Event statt, in dem man 13 "Jack-O-Lantern"-Waffen-Skins freischalten darf. Nachfolgend seht ihr die Infos zu Halloween und auf der offiziellen Seite stehen ebenfalls Details rund um "Gears 5" bereit.

Pumpkin Ball

  • For two weeks beginning this Tuesday, Pumpkin Ball will arrive for the first time in Gears 5!
  • For those of you who didn’t experience our final version of Pumpkin Ball in Gears 4, Pumpkin Ball is a Dodgeball variant where the dead just won’t stay dead.
  • DBNO players will self revive almost instantly, making this one all about classic zombie movie traits – aim for the head or blow ‘em to pieces. Any players brought back from the dead will come back instantly in Pumpkin Ball, so be prepared for enemies to appear out of the blue at a moment’s notice.
  • And of course, it wouldn’t be Halloween without our oversized Juvie Pumpkin Heads.

Special Event Reward

  • Fighting the undying dead comes with its own rewards– the Frankenstein Imago! Unlock this special Halloween character skin by completing 13 matches of Pumpkin Ball before the event is over.
  • Don’t forget to track your unlock progress in the new Tour Medals section for Pumpkin Ball.

More to Come

  • The Halloween festivities don’t end next week. Next Tuesday, we’ll announce our new Horde Event – The Mad Man’s Monsters, with 13 Jack-O-Lantern weapon skins to earn!