Hotfix für Gears 5 steht bereit

Verbesserungen enthalten

News Michael Sosinka

The Coalition hat ein kleineres Hotfix-Update für "Gears 5" veröffentlicht, das mehrere Anpassungen und Verbesserungen vornimmt. Details stehen im Changelog.



  • Gnasher: Improvements to hipfire Gnasher consistency in situations where two enemies were close together. Magnetism should now be more consistently applied to the enemy most closely aligned with your muzzle position.
  • Gnasher: Fixed an issue causing players to lose pellet magnetism on enemies performing a mantle at certain angles
  • Cover: Fixed an issue that could cause cover cancelling to happen unintentionally more often under certain circumstances
  • Tour of Duty: Ring Master Medal now correctly tracks in Quickplay

Horde & Escape

  • Horde Frenzy: Progressing too quickly will no longer causes 4 bosses to spawn at once
  • Canals: Enemies should no longer frequently spawn very close to the fabricator
  • Baird: The Precision Repairs card will now correctly activate when killing a DBNO enemy
  • Lizzie: The Sisters To The End card now works as intended
  • Clayton: The Sole Survivor card now works as intended


  • Pahanu: VFX and SFX will now be shown / played when the Gnasher pellets hit the deep water on the map

User Interface

  • The ‘!’ notification will now appear consistently in the Quick Menu over News whenever a new post is added
  • Map selection will no longer revert to the first map in the list when returning back from a match
  • Fixed an issue causing weapon skins to revert back to the previously selected one after entering/exiting the Expressions screen.
  • Tour of Duty Medal Group headers can now be clicked with a mouse
  • Fixed an issue that could cause venom countdown timers to not appear when restarting an act after failing a run in Escape
  • Fixed an issue causing the selector in the scoreboard to sometimes disappear and teleport
  • The Next Rank button callout will now function properly with a mouse in Tour of Duty


  • Versus music will now consistently play after the end of a round
  • COG team will now be able to hear the round lost music
  • Locust Drone now plays the correct dialogue when throwing a smoke grenade