Nächste Woche Update für Gears 5

Neue Charaktere, Map & mehr

News Release-Termin Michael Sosinka

The Coalition hat bekannt gegeben, dass am 13. April 2021 das Mid-Operation 6-Update für "Gears 5" erscheinen wird. Geboten werden neue Charaktere, eine neue Map, "Execution 2.0" und noch viel mehr. Der Trailer stimmt darauf ein.


  • Richard Prescott served as Chairman of the COG through most of the Locust War. Infamous for commanding wartime measures such as the Hammer of Dawn strikes – firing orbital weapons on the COG’s own cities to try to stop the Locust advance – Prescott has made controversial choices to steer humanity from certain doom.
  • Locust Disciples are enhanced Drones that form the powerful front-line of Ukkon’s army. Ferocious survivors of Ukkon’s experiments on Locust troops, the Disciples wear an injection harness that delivers Imulsion directly into their bloodstream.

New Map Addition

  • Tomb: The Tomb of the Unknowns was the final resting place of brave Gears who fought and died for the COG. This section of the restored tomb features a raised corridor overlooking the open courtyard below.

Execution 2.0

  • A Locust aggressor about to execute a downed Garron Paduk
  • In the original version of Execution, the goal was simple: eliminate the enemy team in a single round. However, this often created stalemate situations, which slowed the pace of the game.
  • With Execution 2.0 we are adding “Overtime,” a stalemate-breaking element.
  • Overtime begins after a standard two-minute round, at which point a ring appears on the map. Teams then have 30 seconds to capture the ring or eliminate the other team to win the round. If the ring is being contested at the end of the first 30 seconds, then “Overtime” continues until the ring is cleared or captured, or a team is eliminated. The ring capture time is a standard 5 seconds.
  • If neither team captures the ring (or is in the process of capturing the ring) after 30 seconds, then the team with the most players alive wins the round. If both teams have the same number of players alive at the end of the 30 seconds, then the round ends in a stalemate.
  • Much like Gridiron, the ring location will move to different spots along the map’s centerline in a set-order. The ring location will also be clearly outlined at the start of each round so teams will have time to set up their approach.
  • As in prior versions of Execution, each round win counts as 1 point, and the first team to 5 points wins the match.

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