Neues Update für Gears 5 verfügbar

Operation 7 mit neuen Inhalten

News Michael Sosinka

The Coalition hat das "Operation 7"-Update für "Gears 5" veröffentlicht. Enthalten sind unter anderem die neue Map "Ephyra", die beiden Charaktere Hana Cole und Ukkon sowie weitere Verbesserungen und Features.



  • Hana Cole: Holding advanced degrees in biochemistry, toxicology and chemistry, Hana Cole is a gifted scientist who takes an unconventional approach to solving problems. Joining Colonel Hoffman in his fight against the Swarm, Hana’s technological innovations are the secret behind Scorpio Squad’s ability to destroy enemy hives from within.
  • Ukkon: The monster who creates monsters, Locust scientist Ukkon is responsible for genetically engineering many of the creatures that terrorized the people of Sera after E-day. In the early years of the Locust War, he also used Imulsion to create a new breed of biological horrors.

New Map Addition

  • Ephyra: The burning remains of the once-prestigious Estemont Hotel serve as the focal point of this Ephyra city block. Controlling the hotel is key, but numerous points of entry give ample opportunity to counterattack.


  • Some of the changes we’re introducing in Operation 7 will automatically refresh existing content. Ranked is also one area where automatic refreshes will extend the experience. For Operation 7, we’re introducing Competitive mode to do just that.


  • Competitive is our updated ranked system for Gears 5, bringing leaderboards, more modes to compete in and more.
  • Gear Points have now been removed and we use a total points system for each playlist. The higher your total points, the better you have been performing. Reaching certain milestones in the leaderboards also grants special rewards, so check the section below for information on that.

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