Update 4.2 für Gears 5 erscheint nächste Woche

Horde Frenzy kehrt zurück

News Michael Sosinka

The Coalition hat bekannt gegeben, dass das Update 4.2 für "Gears 5" am 10. März 2020 erscheinen wird. Darin kehrt der Modus "Horde Frenzy" zurück. Alle weiteren Details zum Update stehen im Changelog zur Verfügung.



  • Introducing Horde Frenzy! 12 wave Horde available in matchmaking on 3 maps.
  • Escape Hive ‘The Descent’: Balancing pass to address some of the huge difficulty spikes during the Hive. Replaced the Iron Man mutator with Ammo Starvation.
  • Escape Hive ‘The Gauntlet’: Balancing pass to address some of the huge difficulty spikes during the Hive. Reduced the number of overall Bastions. Replaced weapons lockers with ammo crates.


  • Multiple fixes for the Boomshot to dramatically improve consistency. This includes updates to address specific materials that could block Boomshot damage when a shot lands beside / behind an opponent, increases to the initial explosion damage and decreasing the application time of damage from the Boomshot.
  • Flashbang hitmarkers will now only appear if the user has been stunned by the Flash
  • Capping and breaking rings will now be worth 100 points. We recognized our points were undervaluing the impact of capturing or breaking rings, and we’re continuing to look at further improvements we can make to scoring all up.*
  • Lowered the number of players needed to start FFA to 6 (from 12) to improve the matchmaking experience for lower population regions at off-peak times.*


  • Fixed an issue with Flash Bangs that caused audio to be louder than usual
  • Fixed an issue that could cause audio distortion in Horde when a Kestrel or Trishot fired


  • Additional crash fix