Update 2.00 für God Eater 3 angekündigt

Trailer & Infos

News Video Michael Sosinka

Bandai Namco Entertainment hat für "God Eater 3" die zweite Season von kostenlosen Updates angekündigt. Version 2.00 wird im Herbst 2019 erscheinen. Enthalten ist die neue Episode "Encounters with the Past" mit dem ersten Kapitel. Weitere Kapitel folgen später. Ansonsten ist ein Trailer verfügbar und Updates sollen künftig schneller veröffentlicht werden.


  • “Encounters with the Past” will be added to the “Additional Episodes” menu.
  • By completing missions with your allies, your Sympathy sync rate will rise. Episodes unlock by increasing sync rate.
  • The new costumes that were previously teased are included in the version 2.00 update.
  • As is the new Aragami, Ash Forged Barbarius Ira.
  • The “Ash Forged God Arc Parts” and “Ash Forged God Arc Parts (Alternate Color)” are also included in the update, respectively equipped with the “War Cry” and “Blade Impulse” Burst Plugins.

Version 2.00

  • Adjusted Burst Plugin configurations – Changed “Close Call” to “Rage Shield” in Quadriga’s Tower Shield.
  • “Abandoned God Arc” + maximum level changed to 35 (after clearing the Claire chapter of “Encounters with the Past”).
  • “Abandoned God Arc” +2 appear in the following missions:
    • EX Time Attack Missions
    • Extra Missions (new addition)
    • Claire Certification Missions 31 to 34 (new addition)
  • Adjusted attack cancel dive to turn 360 degrees when turning off lock-on.

Version 2.10

  • God Arc parts + maximum level sequentially unlocked – 40 in version 2.10, 45 in version 2.20.
  • Special mission “A Challenge to Hound” added.
  • Lock-on camera behavior added to Options.
  • Feature to redo character creation (including gender) added.

Version 2.20

  • “New Game Plus” added.
  • “Jukebox” feature to change background music at the base added.

Future Updates

  • Following version 2.10, additional character stories will be released one in due time. Additionally, an event will be depicted throughout the entirety of the “Encounters with the Past” episode.
  • Ash Forged Vajra will arrive as part of the version 2.10 update.
  • Ash Forged Nuada will arrive as part of the version 2.10 update.
  • Ash Forged Hannibal is also in development.