Update 2.00 für God Eater 3 ist da

Changelog mit Details

News Michael Sosinka

Bandai Namco Entertainment hat das Update 2.00 für "God Eater 3" veröffentlicht, das unter anderem die neue Episode "Traversing the Past" liefert. Im Changelog stehen die Details und ausserdem wird verraten, was zukünftige Updates liefern werden.


Version 2.00


  • New Claire Episode “Traversing the Past” has been added.
  • Extra mission has been added where new Aragami “Ashwrought Aragami: Barbarius Ira” appears.
  • Certification missions 31 to 34 have been added.


  • New Aragami “Ashwrought Aragami: Barbarius Ira” has been added.

Balance Adjustment

  • The Burst Plugin for Tower Shield of “Schutz Tree” has been changed to “Furious Shield.”
  • The upper limit of + to Abandoned God Arcs has been raised to +35 (after finishing “Traversing the Past” Claire Episode).
  • “Abandoned God Arc” +2 drops in the following missions: EX Time Attack Mission, Extra Mission, Certification Mission 31-34.
  • A player can dive into any 360-degree direction of to cancel an attack when no enemy is locked on.

Future Updates

Version 2.10 and / or Later

  • The cap of God Arc parts “+” will be raised in series to 40 in Version 2.10 and to 45 in Version 2.20.
  • Special Mission “Challenge to the Hound” will be added (High Difficulty Mission).
  • Speed adjustment option on the lock-on camera will be added.
  • Character building will become reset capable (including the gender setting).

Version 2.20 or Later

  • New Game Plus feature (TBD) will be added.
  • Juke Box feature (TBD) that can change the background music in the den will be added.