Update 2.00 für God Eater 3

Erscheint diese Woche

News Michael Sosinka

Bandai Namco Entertainment hat angekündigt, dass das Update 2.00 für "God Eater 3" am 19. September 2019 erscheinen wird. Enthalten ist die neue Episode "Encounters with the Past" mit dem ersten Kapitel. Hinzu kommen neue Outfits, Items und mehr.



  • “Encounters with the Past” will be added to the “Additional Episodes” menu.
  • By completing missions with your allies, your Sympathy sync rate will rise. Episodes unlock by increasing sync rate.
  • The new costumes that were previously teased are included in the version 2.00 update.
  • As is the new Aragami, Ash Forged Barbarius Ira.
  • The “Ash Forged God Arc Parts” and “Ash Forged God Arc Parts (Alternate Color)” are also included in the update, respectively equipped with the “War Cry” and “Blade Impulse” Burst Plugins.