Updates 2.10 & 2.11 für God Eater 3 veröffentlicht

Neue Inhalte & Verbesserungen

News Michael Sosinka

Bandai Namco Entertainment hat die Updates 2.10 und 2.11 für "God Eater 3" veröffentlicht. Enthalten sind neue Missionen, ein neuer Aragami, Charakter-Individualisierungen, Verbesserungen und viel mehr (siehe Changelog).


Update Ver. 2.10


  • New episode “Traversing the Past” ~Episode Hugo~ and ~Episode Zeke~ have been added
  • New Extra Mission has been added where new Aragami “Ashwrought Aragami: Agni Vajra” appears.
  • Special Mission “Challenge to the Hounds” has been added (Highly difficult mission)
  • Certification Missions 35-37 have been added
  • New Time Attack Missions EX11-EX14 have been added


  • New Aragami “Ashwrought Aragami: Agni Vajra” has been added
  • Ashwrought Aragami’s special effect has been added, that breaks out when it is activated


  • New option to adjust the camera speed during lock-on has been added
  • The feature to remake player character (including the gender setting) has been added
  • New costumes and accessories have been added
  • The cap of God Arc parts “+” has been raised to 40 (after Traversing the Past ~Episode Hugo~ and ~Episode Zeke~ are cleared)
  • New skills of “Abandoned God Arcs” have been added
  • The behavior of “Combat Orders >> Signal: Hold” has been changed (Automatic order cancellation after a certain period of time has passed has become invalid.)
  • Some minor issues such as issues in the database text have been fixed

Update Ver. 2.11

  • Fixed minor bugs