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Schweizer Hoffnung ausgeschieden ...

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Wie wir gerade eben von SONY erfahren haben, ist der Schweizer Oliver Simon am dritten GT-Academy-Tag leider ausgeschieden. Wir gratulieren Oliver dennoch zu seiner sehr guten Leistung!

Hier noch die Feedbacks der Teilnehmer:

Oliver, Switzerland
Ich bin nicht enttäuscht, ich bin sehr glücklich. Ich gab 120% und wenn vier Teilnehmer besser sind als ich, dann ist dies so. Ich denke meine Fahrkünste waren meine Stärke aber unglücklicherweise hat mich meine Fitness im Stich gelassen. Dennoch hatte ich eine grossartige GT-Academy Erfahrung. Es war eine Menge Spass und ich konnte coole Autos fahren. Das hätte ich mir nie träumen lassen. (Sorry, ist eine Rückübersetzung aus dem englischen ;-))

Daniel, Ireland
I’m overjoyed. I was hoping I would get through, but I thought all the guys were very deserving. The assault course was torturous, but I actually enjoyed the challenge. The efforts made by each competitor were supreme. I thought my GT-R driving went extremely well, but I think I let myself down a little in the single seaters. I’m looking forward to the next two days. I actually feel it will be easier from this point onwards as the closer you get to the prize, the stronger the desire is to win and the more you are motivated. Knowing the GT Academy judges have some faith in you to succeed is also a great feeling.

Marco, Spain
“Of course I am very happy. My dream is slowly becoming a reality. We have two very tough days ahead. I just have to keep working at 100% and not make any mistakes. It was a very tough day today. The assault course was so hard. I did quite well. Racing the GT-R in Silverstone was good. So much power. The single seaters were also great. I am feeling very, very good and will try my hardest.”

Jordan, France
“I am definitely very happy, but more than that, very proud. To have come from over one million Gran Turismo racers to the final 18 and now the final four is an amazing feeling. I cannot count on anything, though. I have to keep progressing and putting into practice what I have learnt. On track, I know that I can get faster. I think I need to improve my entry into corners. At the same time, I have to stay consistent, which I think has been one of my strong points.

“I was ready for the assault course. I have been doing a lot of running for the past two years. Despite the fact that it was tough, I am used to pushing myself when my body tells me to stop.”

Giacomo, Italy
“I thought that I was in with a good chance, but it seems I was not. I am still happy for Luca. I didn’t expect to be out because I know that I have been consistently fast.  But that’s the game. I guess that I just haven’t improved enough since the last GT Academy. Rob and Johnny said that I was good, but just not good enough.”

Felipe, Portugal
“I am a little sad, but I understand the choice. I have learned so much here and the instructors are very capable. They taught me a lot and I have tried the single seater, which was fantastic. I have come here and have a lot of positives to take away. Where to now? I don’t know in terms of racing. It is expensive but I shall continue to do some karting and track days with friends. I would love another chance at GT Academy, but I might be better prepared physically next time.”

Jeroen, Netherlands
“Actually, I feel like this is a bit of a release. The tension and pressure every day is quite tough. This has been another amazing day. I so wanted to get to the finish line in the assault course. I wasn’t interested in winning, but it was a once in a lifetime experience. Never again!

“The GT-R is really, really fast. Using all the gears this time was amazing. The single seaters were another highlight. I was amazed by what the car could do. You get a real sense of speed sitting so low.

“Maybe I still have one wish, which would be to be here with my brother next time. He was number one and I was number two in Holland, but he had to withdraw to have an operation.”