Letztes Update von Halo: MCC hat Probleme verursacht

Entwickler arbeiten an Hotfixes

News Michael Sosinka

Da das letzte grosse Update von "Halo: The Master Chief Collection" für einige Schwierigkeiten gesorgt hat, wird jetzt an Fehlerbehebungen gearbeitet.


Das letzte grosse Update von "Halo: The Master Chief Collection", das auch "Halo 2" in die PC-Version brachte, hat für einige Probleme gesorgt. Daran arbeitet 343 Industries momentan: "Nach einem ganzen Tag des Testens von Änderungen, die von unserem Ingenieurs-Team implementiert wurden, sehen wir gute Ergebnisse bei den neuesten Fehlerbehebungen. Unten findet ihr Updates zu jedem der Fehler, die in einem kommenden Hotfix-Update behoben werden."

Halo 2 Projectile Bug Update

  • Our test team’s investigation surrounding the code changes to Halo 2 are complete. From our testing, this bug has been verified fixed in our latest development builds. This will be available in the upcoming hotfix patch.

Halo 3 Bug Update

  • QA has continued testing around a series of bug fixes on Saturday. The fixes involved appear to have resolved the rubber banding, desynced vehicles, objects, missing effects, and eventual instability in long matches in Halo 3. Our initial review of these changes show that these issues are no longer occurring in the Xbox One build.
  • The teams are still investigating a crash on Valhalla that is reproducing currently in both custom and matchmade game sessions. Engineers are working towards a resolution of this issue right now. This is the last remaining bug we are planning to include in the upcoming hotfix build.

What’s Next

  • Our teams will continue validating any changes implemented over this weekend on Monday and work towards resolving this issue as quickly as possible.