Neues Update für Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Zusätzliche Optionen für Social-Matchmaking

News Michael Sosinka

343 Industries hat ein neues Update für "Halo: The Master Chief Collection" veröffentlicht, das zusätzliche Optionen für das Social-Matchmaking, zusätzliche Spielinhalte zur Unterstützung von Events im Februar 2020 und mehrere Fehlerbehebungen in den Bereichen der Zugänglichkeit und Stabilität umfasst.


New Features & Content

  • Featured playlists in Match Composer
  • New nameplates for future events
  • New upcoming Matchmaking content

Accesibility Bug Fixes

PC Only

  • Fixed an issue where pressing the spacebar would search for a player while typing a Gamertag in the “Find Player” prompt.


  • Fixed bugs where pop-up messages were not read properly by Narrator & Xbox Game Transcription.
  • Fixed bugs button prompts were not read properly by Narrator & Xbox Game Transcription.
  • Fixed bugs where on-screen text was not read properly by Narrator & Xbox Game Transcription.

General Fixes

Xbox Only

  • Fixed an issue where the Main Menu would not appear after passing the title screen when launching for the first time.


  • Fixed a rare crash related to player stats and leaderboards.
  • Reduced some excessive diagnostic reporting to improve performance.
  • mproved player reporting on dedicated servers when identifying potential anti-cheat violations.

Playlist Update

Social 1v1

  • Removed Magnum secondary from Halo: Reach Head to Head based on community feedback.

Social 4v4

  • Team Slayer option has been replaced with “Precision Slayer” and “Auto Slayer.”
  • Precision Slayer includes weapon starts of DMR, BR, or Magnum.
  • Auto Slayer includes weapon starts of AR, SMG, and Halo 4 loadout starts.
  • Rotated in featured Halo: CE Anniversary category for Halo: Reach which contains maps and game settings which emulate Halo: CE.

Social 8v8

  • Reduced hill movement timer from 120s to 90s and reduced score to win from 250 to 200.
  • Replaced Territories with 3-plot Territories on Tempest.
  • Rotated in experimental AR starts category containing AR start versions of all core Halo: Reach 8v8 map and game variants.