Neues Update für Halo: The Master Chief Collection ist live

Probleme werden behoben

News Michael Sosinka

Das letzte grosse Update von "Halo: The Master Chief Collection", das auch "Halo 2" in die PC-Version brachte, hat für einige Probleme gesorgt. Jetzt hat 343 Industries ein Update veröffentlicht, das sich um die gemeldeten Fehler kümmert (siehe Changelog).


Update File Size

  • Xbox Game Pass for PC/Microsoft Store -- 7.74 GB
  • Steam -- 175.9 MB
  • Xbox One -- 1.96 GB

General Bug Fixes (PC)

  • Fix to the Easy Anti-Cheat splash screen on launch

Halo 2 (All Platforms)

  • Improved stability when leaving or ending Campaign Missions
  • Fixed an issue that caused projectiles and grenades to teleport to players elsewhere on the map

Halo 2: Anniversary (All Platforms)

  • Updated Shrine Map Variants for the H2A Team Hardcore playlist
  • Flag return time in Big Team Battle CTF set to 15 seconds from 5

Halo 2 (PC)

  • Resolved Installation issue for Extended Language Pack voice not being installed
  • When playing on a high FOV the LOD textures now render more consistently
  • A connection interrupted issue has been resolved when entering the final cutscene on co-op Campaign
  • Big Team Three Plots score now accurately requires 600 seconds to win

Halo 2: Anniversary (PC)

  • Textures now appear appropriately on “The Oracle” for those with AMD GPUs
  • Fixed a memory leak on the pause menu during Campaign
  • Forge variant maps now have correct lighting applied

Halo 2: Anniversary (Xbox One)

  • Fixed an issue causing the HUD to be off-centered when zooming while playing splitscreen multiplayer

Halo 3 (Xbox One)

  • Resolved a Crash when loading into the multiplayer map Valhalla
  • Resolved an issue causing Rubber-banding, desynced vehicles, objectives, and objects, missing effects, and overall instability during Halo 3 multiplayer sessions