Harvest Moon: Light of Hope - Special Edition erscheint in Europa

Release-Termin steht fest

News Release-Termin Michael Sosinka

Die "Harvest Moon: Light of Hope - Special Edition" wird nicht mehr im Mai 2018 für die Nintendo Switch und die PlayStation 4 auf den Markt kommen. Der neue Termin für Europa ist jetzt der 22. Juni 2018 (Download und Retail), wie der Publisher Rising Star Games bekannt gegeben hat.


Harvest Moon: Light of Hope - Special Edition

  • Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition players will meet Soleil, a Gem Sprite whose origin is shrouded in mystery. Being a Gem Sprite, Soleil is unfamiliar with the world outside of the dark caverns. It will be up to players to introduce Soleil to the wonders of the outside world!
  • Soleil will also guide players through the new Co-Op Play. Grab a friend, and they’ll be able to control Soleil and help out on your farm using Soleil’s Gem Sprite magic! Soleil will be able to grow crops, tend livestock, and gather materials. Farmwork has never been so easy!
  • What’s more, Soleil is also a marriageable candidate! When Soleil develops feelings for the main character, they will take on a human form!
  • A Season Pass will also be available to players who want access to all four planned downloadable contents the game will feature. All four downloadable contents are designed to enhance and offer more of a unique Harvest Moon gameplay experience!