Hitman 2 im Juni 2019

Neue Sandbox-Location, Aufträge & viel mehr

News Video Michael Sosinka

"Hitman 2" wird auch im Juni 2019 mit weiteren Inhalten versorgt. Dazu zählt eine neue Umgebung, die jedoch kostenpflichtig ist.

IO Interactive hat bekannt gegeben, was die Spieler von "Hitman 2" im Juni 2019 erwarten können. Neben Eskalationsaufträgen oder schwer zu fassenden Zielen wird eine neue Sandbox-Umgebung namens "The Bank" hinzugefügt, die die Mission "Golden Handshake" enthält. Die neue Umgebung ist für Besitzer des Expansion-Passes oder des Expansion-Packs 1 gedacht. Nachfolgend seht ihr die Übersicht mit den Inhalten im Juni 2019.

May 28 / Challenge Pack

  • You’re in for a treat with the Muffin Man Challenge Pack!
  • We’ve added five new muffin-related challenges to Whittleton Creek and you’ll need to figure out the best recipe for success to complete them and earn the unlock.
  • Of course, the unlock is three blueberry muffins. These muffins can be thrown and will knock down anyone that you can hit with them. Best of all, they can be taken to any location, which opens up new opportunities across all missions.

June 7 / Legacy Elusive Target

  • We (properly) start the month with a bang and an entirely new concept for Elusive Targets!
  • The Guru and The Congressman are two Legacy ET’s that are back in Sapienza – at the same time! This single contract includes the two targets and features a new briefing video and target bios. Completing the contract will count as 1 towards your progress for unlocking ET suits. The contract will be live in-game for 10 days.
  • You’ll need to own the Legacy Pack to play this Elusive Target, so make sure you download it if you haven’t already!

June 13 / Escalation Contract

  • Now that you’ve got your muffins unlocked, we’ve got the perfect Escalation Contract for you to use them in.
  • The O’Leary Conflagration keeps June’s theme of ‘Greed Kills’ in mind and tasks you with interfering in the business practices of Helen’s Muffin Kitchen. Think Deadly.
  • If the name didn’t give it away, you can expect to deal a great amount of damage through fires (or incinerators!) over the course of each stage.

June 20 / Featured Contracts

  • Inspired by our monthly theme of Greed Kills, we’re setting this month’s theme as ‘ASSASSIN’S GREED’.
  • Our themes for Featured Contracts are purposefully open-ended to make sure that the talented Contract creators in the community are free to interpret them in many ways, ensuring some fun and varied contracts.
  • Head on over to the dedicated Featured Contracts Submission Thread to submit your contracts for this month’s theme. Submissions close at 9 am CEST on June 17, so get your submissions in before then!
  • This batch of Featured Contracts will also be the first chance for players to unlock the Handyman Toolbox. This unlock is awarded by completing the Contract Master Challenge, which requires 40 Featured Contracts completions.

June 20 / Escalation Contract

  • The Unpalatable Termination is an Escalation Contract that takes you to Miami for three stages of escalation action. The focus here is around 47’s ability with a shotgun.
  • Now, a shotgun-wielding food vendor will bring it’s own problems, but we crank up the challenge in the later stages by including new complications and restrictions that will cause you to re-evaluate your approach and switch it up to make sure that you come away successful.

June 24 / IOI Monthly #4

  • “Hello and welcome to another Hitman livestream….”
  • Our monthly livestream will return in June for the fourth episode and it promises to be an exciting one full of reveals and announcements. We’ll give you developer insight into all of the content for the month, preview the June Game Update and take a look into the future with some announcements from the July Roadmap!
  • Key members of the team that created ‘The Bank’ will be on the stream to give you some reveals and details about what to expect from the newest HITMAN 2 location.

June 25 / New Location (Expansion Pass)

  • June is an exciting month for owners of the HITMAN 2 Expansion Pass (and Expansion Pack 1) because a brand new sandbox location is coming their way.
  • ‘The Bank’ will include a new campaign mission titled ‘Golden Handshake’ and takes Agent 47 to an investment bank in the United States. Expect new gameplay opportunities, new challenges to earn location mastery and new unlocks that will change the way you play.
  • We will be revealing more about this location throughout the month and leading up to the release on June 25! Keep your eyes peeled!

June 25 / Special Assignments

  • Special Assignments are a different type of mission for HITMAN 2 that are exclusive to the Expansion Pass.
  • These missions task Agent 47 with taking down a target of interest in an existing location. The first two Special Assignments are in Mumbai and Santa Fortuna with a new target and set of challenges to complete.
  • Embrace of the Serpent and Illusions of Grandeur take place at different time of day compared to their location’s main mission and some elements of the location have been changed to support the gameplay for each mission.
  • Contracts Mode is not enabled for Special Assignments as we feel the main missions offer equal variety and opportunity for Contract creation.
  • Special Assignments are included in the Expansion Pass or Expansion Pack 1 and more Special Assignments will be released as part of the Expansion Pass later this year.

June 25 / Game Update

  • Our major update for June arrives on the same day as The Bank and the Special Assignments: June 25.
  • Expect a range of improvements and fixes to all aspects of the game, including issues reported by our community. We’ll have more details to share on IOI Monthly #4 and the full release notes will be published before the game update is available to download.

June 27 / Escalation Contract

  • We’re heading back to Miami for the second time this month for another Escalation Contract.
  • This time, we’re getting ready for a trip to the aquarium like never before in the Aquatic Retribution Escalation Contract.

June 28 / Legacy Elusive Target

  • You’ll remember Mr Giggles as the final Elusive Target from HITMAN 1 and now he’s back as a Legacy Elusive Target in HITMAN 2.
  • It’s Marrakesh by night for this one with two objectives; Eliminate Mr Giggles and Acquire the Client List.
  • As the first Legacy Elusive Target in Marrakesh, The Entertainer is also your first chance to unlock the Summer Suit with Gloves. Add it to your inventory by successfully completing the contract.