Dartmoor Garden Show für Hitman 3

Neues Event ab heute verfügbar

News Video Michael Sosinka

IO Interactive veröffentlicht heute mit "Dartmoor Garden Show" ein neues und vor allem kostenloses Event für "Hitman 3". Wer das kostenlose Starter-Pack nutzt, kann "Dartmoor Garden Show" bis zum 17. August 2021 spielen. Zudem ist ein passender Trailer zu sehen.

Über Dartmoor Garden Show

  • This unique event is Dartmoor like you’ve never seen it before. With bright skies above, four distinct gardens have been installed in the mansion grounds to showcase the pinnacle of horticultural excellence from around the world. Each garden has been curated by a world-class gardner that will present their best blooms to three judges – who you might recognise as familiar characters from the opening of the Burj Al-Ghazali in Dubai.
  • With unique installations, new gardeners and returning characters as the judges, there’s a lot going on – but we’re just getting started.
  • The Dartmoor Garden Show will play out as a three stage Escalation on your first playthrough, where a client and accomplice are randomly assigned, meaning that the winner of the Garden Show (which is based just as much on who is alive to claim the prize, as it is based on the quality of the gardens) will be different each time. Once you’ve completed all three stages once, you’ll unlock the Summer Sightseeing Suit, the perfect companion for your future playthroughs.
  • You’ll also unlock Deterministic Mode, which can be activated by resetting the Escalation back to Stage 1 and choosing a newly-unlocked Starting Location. In this new mode for the Dartmoor Garden Show, we remove the random element and give you full control to decide who should be left alive to claim the prize of Dartmoor’s Greatest Gardner.
  • Finally, Contracts Mode is fully enabled for the Dartmoor Garden Show, giving you that chance to create your own contracts on any of the NPCs at the event. Craft your own narratives, setup your own challenges and compete for bragging rights with your friends.
Quelle: www.ioi.dk