Update 3.20 für Hitman 3 veröffentlicht

Erste Erweiterung & kostenloses Starter-Pack ebenfalls verfügbar

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IO Interactive hat heute das Update 3.20 für "Hitman 3" veröffentlicht, zusammen mit der ersten "Seven Deadly Sins"-Erweiterung namens "Act 1: Greed". Abgesehen von Verbesserungen und Anpassungen darf man sich auf das saisonale Event "Berlin Egg Hunt" sowie den Beginn der "Season of Greed" mit neuem Content freuen. Weiterhin darf man "Hitman 3" über ein kostenloses Starter-Pack ausprobieren.

Seven Deadly Sins Act 1: Greed

  • The Seven Deadly Sins are arriving in HITMAN 3 as a new 7-part premium expansion. Act 1: Greed will be available to purchase on March 30 and invites players to Dubai to indulge in a new 3-stage Escalation: The Greed Enumeration and unlock sin-themed rewards… How greedy are you feeling?
  • Complete an objective, collect the coins (that rightly belong to you) and feed the frog to reap your rewards. These rewards will help you to complete additional objectives that are only revealed once you have completed the previous ones; should you exit the level now, or get greedy and hunt for more coins?
  • All of the coins that you collect in a given stage will carry over to the next stage of the Escalation, giving you the opportunity to feed the frog and earn more useful rewards.
  • Indulging in The Greed Enumeration will reward players with three permanent unlocks; the Rapacious Suit, Greedy Little Coin and The Devil’s Cane, which can all be used across the World of Assassination. Using The Devil’s Cane as a melee weapon in other contracts will cause it to generate a Greedy Little Coin, to remind you of your greed.
  • The Seven Deadly Sins Collection and Act 1: Greed will be available on digital stores at 1pm UTC. For more details, check out our Seven Deadly Sins announcement post.

Seasonal Event: Berlin Egg Hunt

  • Follow the white rabbit… The first seasonal event for all HITMAN 3 owners sees Agent 47 heading to Berlin, which has been transformed for the Berlin Egg Hunt. This exclusive Club Hölle event has a strict dress code and is at capacity when you arrive, so your knowledge of the club’s exterior will be crucial.
  • The Berlin Egg Hunt will be playable from March 30 – April 12 and brings a seasonal twist to the Berlin location with new decorations and graffiti and new gameplay items (eggs!) to collect and use. Each stage of this seasonal Escalation will introduce new complications and targets for you to hunt down. Participate in the event and you’ll unlock the Raver Outfit to show off your love for techno.

Season of Greed

  • The Seven Deadly Sins is our new focus for content releases, so we’re changing the naming of our roadmaps. It’s just the naming that’s changing roadmap-wise and HITMAN 3 owners can still look forward to content being added to the game at no additional cost. All of that means that instead of the April Roadmap, we’re kicking off the Season of Greed, which will run until May 10th when HITMAN 3’s next Season of Sin will start.
  • We’re planning to reveal the full content preview (including a trailer!) for our Season of Greed in the first full week of April. Lookout for that! Get more details about how we the Seasons of Sins work in our Seven Deadly Sins announcement post.

Elusive Target

  • The countdown for the first HITMAN 3 Elusive Target starts with the release of the March Patch. You’ll see a ticking clock in the menu counting down to April 9th, when The Collector will arrive in Dartmoor for 10 days.

Free Starter Pack

  • Download the HITMAN 3 Free Starter Pack now and play Dubai for FREE from March 30 – April 5!

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