Performance-Patch für Homefront: The Revolution veröffentlicht

Enthält ebenfalls neue Resistance-Maps

News Michael Sosinka

Für "Homefront: The Revolution" wurde ein neuer Patch veröffentlicht, der zum Beispiel die Performance weiter verbessert.


Die Dambuster Studios haben einen neuen Patch für "Homefront: The Revolution" veröffentlicht, der vor allem die Performance des Shooters verbessern soll. Das war bisher ein grosser Kritikpunkt an dem Spiel. Im Vergleich zu den bisherigen Patches wurde die Performance nochmals um 15 Prozent erhöht. Zudem sind zahlreiche weitere Optimierungen an Bord. Darüber hinaus darf man sich auf neue Features sowie zwei neue Maps für den Resistance-Modus freuen.

Patch Notes:

  • 2 New Resistance Mode Map ‘Boom Patrol’ & ‘Indy Forever’
  • Save Stall Reduction
  • Smoother framerate and improved performance throughout the game via
    • Spawning Optimisations
    • Checkpoint Save Optimisations
    • Lighting and Particle Optimisations
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements including
    • Fix for intermittent issue in which a box could get stuck preventing Medical Supplies Strikpoint completing correctly
    • Fix for enemies not spawning correctly on occasion preventing Old Town Apartment Strikepoint completing correctly
    • Fix for padlocks not being able to be destroyed in certain situations preventing Car Park Chop Shop Strikepoint to be completed
    • Fix for black screen sometimes occurring following Aftermath mission and cinematic cutscene’s
    • Fixed an issue with some players losing equipment when continuing save game from a previous patch * Fixed a further issue some players experience with the SAM launcher becoming blocked in End Game
  • New Resistance Mode Features
    • Added ‘Guerrilla Score’ system to indicate a player’s overall experience in the game. Players can earn Guerrilla score by ranking up characters, completing missions on increasing difficulties, earning new citations and increasing a characters ‘Renown’.
    • Added ‘Renown’ system to reward continued play with a character at the rank cap. All XP gained at max rank contributes towards a character’s renown, increase their Renown to earn more Guerrilla Score and Armory crates.
  • Added the ability to set Resistance Mode character name with more than basic English characters
  • Updated Resistance Mode End of Mission display to better present end of match rewards
  • Resistance Mode bug fixes and stability improvements
  • Inside Job achievement tweak to reduce the number of reinforcements called after securing a stronghold