Crytek zeigt E3-Trailer zu Hunt: Showdown

Neue Waffen & Gegner

News Video Michael Sosinka

Crytek zeigt einen E3-Trailer zum Multiplayer-Survival-Spiel "Hunt: Showdown", der neue Waffen (Vintage Crossbow, Throwing Knives, Hand Crossbow, Sticky Explosive Bomb) und einen Gegner (Water Devil) vorstellt. Die Inhalte werden bald veröffentlicht, zusammen mit anderen Dingen.

Im E3-Trailer zu sehen:

  • The Vintage Crossbow is a large, quiet weapon ideal for a stealthy kill. And you can retrieve the crossbow’s bolts from the corpses of your enemies after you’ve shot them down.
  • The Throwing Knives are a quiet, light option—they can be used for one match (considered a consumable), and carried in addition to primary and secondary weapons. Knives, like crossbow bolts, can also be retrieved from the corpses of your dead enemies. And of course, from any other surface you throw them at.
  • The Hand Crossbow is a smaller version of the Vintage Crossbow, and as it is categorized as a pistol, can be carried in addition to a larger weapon. Bolts retrievable, shots stealthy.
  • The Sticky Explosive Bomb is a barbed bomb designed to stick to walls and other surfaces when thrown. You throw ‘em, they stick, and then they explode.
  • There is something in the water now… Our newest monster is the Water Devil, tentacled creature(s) that attack players when they are traversing the swamps and bayous.
Quelle: Pressemeldung