Konsolen-Update 1.3 für Hunt: Showdown zum Download

Crossplay auf Xbox One & PS4 eingeführt

News Michael Sosinka

Crytek hat für "Hunt: Showdown" auf der Xbox One und der PlayStation 4 das Update 1.3 veröffentlicht, das unter anderem das Crossplay zwischen beiden Konsolen aktiviert. Das Update 1.3 ist bereits im April 2020 für den PC erschienen.




  • The long-awaited Crossplay function between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is here! You can now find partners using both consoles when looking for Random partner(s). Currently invites only work for players using their own platforms.
  • Teaming up with a player using the same console shows the corresponding platform's icon, while grouping with a player using the other platform shows a controller icon.

New AI Variations

  • We have added two new AI variations to the game. You will now find the Grunt Doctor, who deals poison damage and drops a medical kit after being killed, and the Concertina Armored, covered in concertina wires causing bleeding damage, wandering in the swamps.

New Time of Day: Sunset

  • The Sun has set in the Bayou, a new time of day is here! You can now explore the swamps in brand new lighting. Depending on how you move through the Bayou, you can use the sun to gain an advantage over your enemies in a fight.

New Equipment

  • This update features two new weapon variants, the "Martini-Henry IC1 Marksman" and the "Mosin-Nagant M1891 Obrez Drum", a new tool, the "Decoy Fuses", as well as a new trait, ’’Levering”, allowing lever-action rifles to rapid-fire from the shoulder, giving the Winfield rifles a previously unseen new layer of tactical flexibility at close quarters.

Weapon Changes

  • The powerful Avtomat rocks a new look and gameplay rework this update, making it harder to control at range with a slightly increased rate of fire and more ammo drain. The update also adds a slight ear ringing effect when you unload your weapons too fast. Additionally, our current damage and projectile system sees a major balancing pass in 1.3 that helps some of the weaker ammo types to keep their damage better up to medium distance. More details can be found further below!

Improved Death Screen and Lobby

  • Update 1.3 brings a reworked partner inspection screen to the lobby where you are able to look at your fellow Hunters in more detail, as well as a new Death Screen, that additionally displays the enemy player’s hunter and their gear.

New Legendary Content

  • The Anniversary skin contest winner skin is finally here. We have also added a new Legendary Hunter as well as several additional Legendary Weapons. You can unlock those with Blood Bonds from the in-game menu. In addition, you can find brand new DLC packs in the store – Zhong Kui, Fire Fight, The Arcane Archaeologist, The Seeker Bundle, The Uncanny Bundle and The Gunslinger Bundle. Make sure to check them out!

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