Termin für Imp of the Sun

Behind-the-Scenes-Video zum 2D-Plattformer

News Release-Termin Michael Sosinka

Sunwolf Entertainment hat angekündigt, dass der 2D-Plattformer "Imp of the Sun" am 30. Juni 2021 für den PC (Steam, Epic Games Store) erscheinen wird. Zudem wurde ein neues Behind-the-Scenes-Video zur Musik des Spiels veröffentlicht.

"Imp of the Sun ist ein 2D-Platformer, der rasante Action mit einem einzigartigen peruanisch beeinflussten Kunststil und Soundtrack kombiniert. Du spielst als Imp, eine Kreatur, die vom letzten Funken der Sonne erschaffen wurde, mit der Mission, ihre Kraft wiederherzustellen, bevor es zu spät ist," heisst es.

Features von Imp of the Sun

  • Play with fire! You are a son of the Sun, and can wield the Sun’s scorching power
  • Streamlined gameplay built for fluid movement and combo-based combat
  • Unique Peruvian-influenced art style and soundtrack, inspired by real-world relics of the Andean culture
  • Experience five unique and punishing bosses in any order you choose, each with their own complex mechanics and backstory
  • Never stop getting better!
  • IOTS is built to be played and re-played, as players learn how to better control the Imp and its powers, and navigate the environments
  • Set record times for your friends to compete against, or try to make the global/regional leaderboards!
  • Play Eclipse Mode for the truest experience in a darkened kingdom -- all areas are shrouded in total darkness until explored by the Imp. Veterans only!
  • Play Boss Rush mode to try to fell each of the five bosses in a row in a single run
  • Play Horde mode to see how long you can last standing against a never-ending onslaught of enemies