A Woman's Lot für Kingdom Come: Deliverance veröffentlicht

Update 1.9 ebenfalls verfügbar

News Video Michael Sosinka

Die Warhorse Studios und Deep Silver haben für das Mittelalter-Rollenspiel "Kingdom Come: Deliverance" die Erweiterung "A Woman's Lot" und das Update 1.9 veröffentlicht.

Die Warhorse Studios und Deep Silver haben auf dem PC nicht nur "A Woman's Lot" veröffentlicht, die vierte Erweiterung für das Mittelalter-Rollenspiel "Kingdom Come: Deliverance", denn das Update 1.9 steht ebenfalls zum Download bereit. Das Add-On wird erst am 11. Juni 2019 für PlayStation 4 und Xbox One erscheinen. Ansonsten darf noch der neue Trailer zu "A Woman's Lot" betrachtet werden uns wer das komplette Paket haben möchte, holt sich die "Royal Edition".

Zu der Erweiterung heisst es: "In A Woman's Lot schlüpfen die Spieler im Rahmen eines individuellen Quest-Strangs in die Rolle von Theresa in Begleitung ihres loyalen Hundes Tinker. Sie erfahren das einfach Leben in Skalitz und werden im weiteren Verlauf dieser spannenden Geschichte Zeugen des schicksalhaften Raubzugs Sigismunds aus einer vollkommen neuen Perspektive. A Woman's Lot stellt das fehlende Puzzleteil in der Geschichte um Skalitz dar, mit dem die Spieler herausfinden, was geschah, bevor Henry bewusstlos aufgefunden wurde."

Better introduction and tutorials

  • All tutorials now have improved formatting.
  • All tutorials were rewritten with an emphasis on clarity.
  • Added some new tutorials.
  • First combat tutorial with Bernard improved.
  • Bernard now has his own map icon when ready to train Henry outside quests.
  • Many confusing situations during the first hours of gameplay improved.

Events improved

  • We improved the environment and NPC positions for most of the events.
  • Added better fast travel description to every event type.
  • Player’s position now makes much more sense when pulled out of fast travel by an event.
  • No event should catch the player again immediately after a successful evasion.
  • Events were re-labeled. Traps and ambushes are no longer revealed to the player by the label. We apologize to all honest bandits in Rattay.

Proper dating with Theresa

  • You can now continue to date Theresa after “the act” (ahem).
  • Be careful though, Theresa has a mind of her own and can even dump you…
  • But if she likes you, she can help you in your endeavors.

Better handling of mods

  • After the download of any new patch, all installed mods will be disabled and moved to a specific folder; the player will be notified by overlay in the main menu. We highly recommend only installing mods that have been updated to match the current game version.
  • The game now handles installing and uninstalling mods containing new NPCs, items, perks and buffs much better. This should solve many corrupted saves.
  • The game now visually marks any save that is modded or was created from a playthrough using mods. We can’t guarantee stability on these saves.

Other new features

  • We didn’t want to leave bandits and Cumans without pets, so we gave them dogs as well. Unfortunately, the dogs adopted their masters’ aggression and will attack Henry on sight…
  • Players can now switch to simplified lockpicking for gamepad in-game settings.
  • Changes made to enemies’ perception to improve stealth experience.
  • Many NPCs will now take cover from the rain under roofs or trees.
  • Item categories added to horse inventory.
  • Guards now confiscate stolen items dropped near Henry when frisking him.
  • Dogs will now fall asleep after eating food with sleeping potion.
  • New first-person dialog camera added.
  • The first quest for every DLC now has a custom map icon.
  • Shooting on the move should be more precise now. The arrow was previously shot before the animation completely ended.
  • Merchants now have correct purchase prices corresponding to their trade.
  • The amount of Groschen on NPCs is now more accurately adjusted to their profession.


  • Changing graphics settings is much faster now.
  • We solved many performance peaks to optimize the game. Framerate should be more consistent now.
  • Framerate in battles slightly improved by adjusting visual settings.
  • We slightly improved framerate in the most demanding locations by removing some light sources.
  • Graphical settings adjusted. Lower settings should look the same and run slightly faster. Higher settings should run the same and look slightly better.