Mass Effect 2

Neue schwere Waffe: M-920 Cain


BioWare zeigt nun den neuesten Zugang zum Mass Effect 2 Waffenarsenal. Die M-920 Cain ist eine Waffe der Kategorie "Schwere Waffen" und wurde von Wissenschaftlern in der Normandie entwickelt.


Hier die offizielle Beschreibung der Waffe von den Herstellern:

"When these are accelerated to a speed of 5 km/s, the round is becomes absolutely devastating. Though not necessarily encompassing nuclear materials, the prototype weapon has been nicknamed the ‘Nuke Launcher.’ Upon impact, its high-explosive matrix generates a mushroom cloud that causes damage to be inflicted across an incredibly large area of effect. Such a weapon is incredibly effective when used against armour, shields, and barriers."