DLC-Trailer zu MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

Heroes of the Inner Sphere vorgestellt

News Video Michael Sosinka

Piranha Games hat einen neuen Trailer zu "MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries" veröffentlicht, in dem der erste DLC namens "Heroes of the Inner Sphere" etwas genauer vorgestellt wird.

Features von Heroes of the Inner Sphere

  • New Career Mode – start a career from scratch in any of the great houses or import your progress from the original Campaign.
  • Career Paths – Complete 5 different job types to unlock career path rewards including new blueprints for quirking mechs.
  • Expanded Inner Sphere Map that includes 61 total warzones (+18), 34 Industrial Hubs, and 55 quest lines (+11) recrafted for less linear, more open exploration.
  • Hunt down 7 new heroes and their hero mechs in the story-driven Hero Quests, featuring 7 unique handcrafted missions.
  • 7 new ‘Mech chassis: Corsair, Vulcan, Charger, Hatamoto-Chi, Dervish, Champion, Marauder II
  • 50 new variants including new variants for existing chassis.
  • New equipment: ECM, EWECM, BAP, EWAP, MASC, Supercharger.
  • New Weapons: Chem Lasers, Short Burst lasers, Mech Rifles.
  • New Procedural Mission type: Beachhead that features artillery strikes and emplacements.
  • New Giant Moon Biome and Moonbase garrisons.