Mercenaries Saga Chronicles erscheint für Switch

Debüt-Trailer steht bereit

News Video Michael Sosinka

Für "Mercenaries Saga Chronicles", das für die Nintendo Switch auf den Markt kommen wird, wurde der Debüt-Trailer veröffentlicht.

Rideon hat den Debüt-Trailer zu "Mercenaries Saga Chronicles" veröffentlicht, das eine Sammlung aus drei Strategie-Rollenspielen ist. "Mercenaries Saga Chronicles" wird in Japan am 18. Januar 2018 für die Switch erscheinen. Nordamerika und Europa werden hingegen im Februar 2018 versorgt. Enthalten sind "Mercenaries Saga: Will of the White Lions", "Mercenaries Saga 2: Order of the Silver Eagle" und "Mercenaries Saga 3: Gray Wolves of War".

Features von Mercenaries Saga Chronicles

  • A total of 82 campaign chapters, in which your decisions lead to different routes and endings.
  • Numerous Free Battles allow you to power-up characters while offering extra challenges.
  • Multiple difficulty settings are available – clearing the game once increases the challenge further!
  • Maps with variable terrains that are decisive in battle – take advantage of your starting position to assist teammates and strike enemies in the back.
  • Buy and sell items, and then synthesize them into more powerful gear.
  • Change classes to acquire high class skills, and use SP to master them.
  • Enhanced gameplay experience on the Nintendo Switch: redesigned to perfectly fit a 16:9 resolution. The system improvements from Mercenaries Saga 3, such as Hate display and minion summoning skills, are also implemented for Mercenaries Saga 1 & 2 in this new Chronicles release.