Midnight Ghost Hunt enthüllt

Geister gegen Geisterjäger

News Video Michael Sosinka

Coffee Stain Publishing und Vaulted Sky Games haben auf der E3 2019 das 4-vs-4-Multiplayer-Hide-and-Seek-Game "Midnight Ghost Hunt" für den PC angekündigt. Vier Geister treten gegen vier Geisterjäger an. Wie das aussieht, zeigt der E3-Trailer.

Features von Midnight Ghost Hunt

  • Play as either Ghosts or Ghost Hunters.
  • The Ghosts hide inside inconspicuous furniture and hurl themselves at invading Hunters.
  • The Hunters must find and destroy all of the Ghosts before the clock strikes MIDNIGHT.
  • At MIDNIGHT, the lights flicker off and all dead Ghosts return as vengeful spirits!
  • The tables turn, the Hunters become the Hunted!
  • They must try to survive the Ghost onslaught until they can escape.