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Seriously Ubi you are killing the Brand
1.) From the start of the game with frozen picture with voice over it looks like a CHEAP game.
2.)It won t cost you much to make the different character animated instead of a moving camera over a still picture. The bad voice over is also an insult.
3.) Unit models are barely distinguishable on the battlefield due to horrid lighting and small scale? H6 had way more
clear graphics, playing at max setttings here.
4.)First time i restarted the game the combat grid had vanished, the game is impossible to play when you dont know what units turn it is, cant see where it can walk/what to attak etc. Grid is not coming back whatever I do either...
5.) Everything is zoomed out so it's hard to see if it's crossbowmen or sentinels. Models are to similar and melt into the map graphics.
6.)You can't see what unit abilities does until you are in combat and can rightclick them.
7.)Adventuremap is full of non-interactable stuff with no real way of seeing whether buildings/objects are things you can interact with or only there for decoration. Same goes for where it is possible to move hero. Does it fit between those trees? Can you walk up that ledge? maybe maybe not, impossible to know from visuals.
8.)I couldn't figure out how to load a campaign between maps. I finished one map, restarded game before I began the next map, if I then click "Continue" in menues it goes back to the last day on first map, except the main quest is completed so the map doesn't end... In order to continue campaign I had to load an autosave from second last turn, redo last battle and then I could get out and start the next map.
9.) loading, incedibly long, makes you wonder if game crashed and you are just sitting there... And before and after everything you do. No other HOMM has had loading before combat... Not a great feature to implement now...

Uplay is just as crap as it has always been. Fail to sync, tedious, unessicary, slow and anoying.
Here it is clearly offensive for the loyal fan. 49.90 fr is a lot of money for such a cheaply made product.

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