Mighty Switch Force! Collection angekündigt

Erscheint für PC & Konsolen

News Release-Termin Michael Sosinka

WayForward hat die "Mighty Switch Force! Collection" angekündigt, die am 25. Juli 2019 als Download für PC (Steam, Humble Store und GOG), Xbox One, PlayStation 4 sowie Nintendo Switch erscheinen wird. Die Sammlung besteht aus "Mighty Switch Force!", "Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition", "Mighty Switch Force! 2" sowie Mighty Switch Force! Academy".

Features der Mighty Switch Force! Collection

  • Four fantastic games in one: Mighty Switch Force!, Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition, Mighty Switch Force! 2, and Mighty Switch Force! Academy.
  • Use your Siren Helmet to switch around level layouts and solve tricky puzzles!
  • Blast enemies with your Pellet Shooter and extinguish flames with your Infinity Dousing Apparatus!
  • Encounter colorful characters like Corporal Gendarmor, Ugly Twitching Dog, and Ugly Secret Baby!
  • Avoid hazards and interact with elements like Launch Blocks and Force Field Blocks to navigate more than 70 levels!
  • Aim for the fastest time! Perfect for speedrunners!
  • Up to four players can join in locally in Mighty Switch Force! Academy!
  • Newly added HD Rumble effects on Nintendo Switch!