Neon City Riders erscheint Anfang 2020

2D-Action-Adventure im Trailer

News Release-Termin Michael Sosinka

Bromio und die Mecha Studios werden das 2D-Action-Adventure "Neon City Riders" Anfang 2020 für PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 und Nintendo Switch veröffentlichen. Ein neuer Trailer zeigt Spielszenen.

Features von Neon City Riders

  • Make your way into the depths of each turf while attacking, dashing and parrying waves of vicious gang members.
  • Explore at your own phase the open-ended map of the Neon City’s turfs in the order that suits you.
  • Unlock super-powers to enhance your strength and reach new areas.
  • Use all your abilities to complete puzzles and open new routes in your map.
  • Immerse in the multi-ending story through the cinema displays and the dialogues of the more than 100 Neon City inhabitants.
  • Recruit useful partners to obtain improvements in your adventure.
  • Fight against challenging bosses and show them who is the hero!
  • Help the city inhabitants to complete the side-quests and obtain special items.
  • Enjoy the original soundtrack inspired in the 80s and 90s video game consoles.