Reaktion auf die schlechte Greenpeace-Wertung

News Roger

Gegenüber Eurogamer nahm Nintendo Stellung zu den Vorwürfen bezüglich des schlechten Abschneidens im kürzlich veröffentlichten Greenpeace Reports zur Umweltfreundlichkeit verschiedener Firmen.

Nintendo ist sich der Verantwortung gegenüber der Umwelt bewusst und unternehme alles um Verschmutzung zu vermeiden. Zusätzlich erklärte der Nintendo Sprecher, dass die Wii Konsole die energieeffizienteste Konsole auf dem Markt sei.

"We would like to assure customers that we take our environmental responsibilities seriously and are rigorous in our commitment to comply with all relevant laws relating to environmental and product safety, including avoiding the use of dangerous substances in our manufacturing processes and ensuring the safe disposal and recycling of materials."

"We consider the environmental impact of our products over their entire life cycle, from planning to disposal. In the planning phase, for example, we make every effort to design energy-efficient products and select materials for component parts and packaging materials with careful consideration for the environment. We also consider the importance of reducing environmental impact at end-of-life disposal by clearly indicating the materials used in each product to make recycling easier."

"We also work to eliminate harmful substances from our products right from the initial stages of material selection and have established strict environmental control standards, with our 340 production partners all co-operating with us in our efforts."