Update 1.04 für Nioh 2 steht bereit

Download wiegt 500 MB

News Michael Sosinka

Koei Tecmo Games und Team Ninja haben das zirka 500 MB grosse Update 1.04 für "Nioh 2" auf der PlayStation 4 veröffentlicht. Es nimmt Verbesserungen vor und enthält Bugfixes (siehe Changelog).


Nioh 2 PS4 1.04 Patch Notes

  • Added the ability to easily increase the skill level of other weapons if the skill level of one weapon type is high
  • Weapon proficiency requirements have been relaxed for some missions missions
  • Reduces the strength of “Gaki” and reduces the power of specific attacks
  • Reduced the power of attacks with excessively high damage for the following enemies: “Youki” and “Saruoni”
  • “Skebito” health increased
  • Adjusted the recommended level notation so that the recommended levels for some missions are appropriate
  • When “Ushioni” rushes into a weir (cough), the horn is pierced so that the weir is not destroyed by jump attack etc.
  • Reduced the physical strength and defense of “Shimama Ryoan” in the main mission “Bleaking Water”
  • Adjusted the homing of the hatchet skill “ earth killing ” upward
  • Relax the vacant wisdom required to release the half-you skill “ Blow Tiger Strike ”
  • The protection of the guardian spirit, “Hyibitori”, has been changed so that the “recovery of the drug” has a spillover effect, and the spillover range has been limited from unlimited distance to 7m.
  • Increased the distance that Mujina responds to gestures

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that rarely caused all enemies to stop attacking
  • Fixed a bug where if you set up a battle with a sword, you could be devoured before the battle was completed
  • Fixed a bug where the attack would not hit if a strong attack was made when an attack was hit at the bottom of the sword
  • Fixed a bug where the hatchet throwing skill could not hit enemies in the permanent area
  • Fixed a bug that caused the sword skill “Zenigiri” to fall when used on a cliff
  • Fixed a bug that could trigger under certain circumstances even if the two-sword skill “Disturbed Slash” was not acquired
  • Fixed an issue where spear martial art “Chidori” would not home properly when used on some enemies
  • Fixed a bug where the chain sickle skill “Footwear” was being hit by the wall
  • Fixed a bug where the Ushioni soul spell might not hit properly on some terrain
  • Fixed an issue where the guardian spirits of the guardian spirits “Kamika” and “Siasha” did not give an advantageous effect to themselves
  • Fixed a bug where “Sohaya Shu (Naginata-Kama)” attack sometimes did not hit properly
  • Fixed a bug that caused Genbu’s guardian spirit skill to freeze for a certain amount of time when hitting “Asai Nagamasa”
  • Fixed a bug where “Sake Drinking Doji” sometimes repeated steps in the same direction many times
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes took a long time to land when Naotaka Magara and Nao Shubo Nao emerged
  • Fixed a bug where when a “Nurikabe” was launched by a long-range attack, it might not be attacked until approaching
  • Fixed a bug where some small sea monsters in the main mission “Ayakashi Overnight Castle” would not be resurrected when resuming death
  • Fixed a bug where enemies would be buried in walls when performing a drop attack at a specific point in the main mission “Wait at Exit”
  • Fixed a bug that caused the boss not to be scared when destroying a gimmick in the area in the boss battle of the main mission “Wait at the exit”
  • Fixed a bug where in the multiplayer of the main mission “Kaiyama Glacier”, “Moonless” might not follow the player
  • Fixed a bug where the number of hairs displayed on the mission selection screen was incorrectly displayed in the main mission “Burning Flame”
  • Fixed a bug in the main mission “Golden Castle (Ayakashi no Yumeji)” in a multiplayer boss battle where the boss might not go down even if the conditions were met.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent players from entering the battle area during the Submission “Ayakashi Kagura” and “In the Lesson”
  • Fixed a bug where the mission would automatically end in rare cases if the host selected “Proceed” after clearing in multiplayer of the submission “Large Heaven”
  • Fixed a bug where the maximum amount of martial arts that could be earned in “Dedication” was not correctly reflected
  • Fixed a bug where the recipe book for “Kirei-no-kami-no-Bowl” could be obtained twice if the conditions were met.
  • Fixed a bug where the special effect of the soul charge, “Activating a monster with 0 physical strength (in the darkness)”, sometimes bends into the ground, etc.
  • Fixed a bug where the setting of “Rare character string” in “Online setting” might not be reflected
  • Fixed a bug where the gauge of other players on the left side of the screen might disappear when the in-game health bar of the rare game was set to “Display if there is fluctuation” in “Online Settings”
  • Other minor bug fixes