Update 1.07 für Oddworld: Soulstorm zum Download

Entwickler nehmen Verbesserungen vor

News Michael Sosinka

Der Entwickler Oddworld Inhabitants hat das neue Update 1.07 für "Oddworld: Soulstorm" veröffentlicht, das verschiedene Verbesserungen vornimmt (siehe Changelog). Das Update 1.08 ist bereits in Arbeit. Es soll unter anderem die Möglichkeit geben, das HUD auszuschalten.


Update 1.07 für Oddworld: Soulstorm

  • Mudokons now throw given items at Sligs after dying and reloading a save
  • Improvements to Slig AI
  • Spender statistic can now be improved on repeated playthroughs
  • Fixed control lockup in levels with many flares
  • Door interaction is now prioritized over pickpocketing
  • Mudokon Followers will follow Abe regardless of how far Abe gets from them
  • Restart Level from the Pause Menu now has a confirmation step
  • Fixed Sawblade getting stuck in the down position in Necrum, which was blocking progress
  • The Good Ending video will now play when conditions are right
  • Explosions now explode more reliably
  • Cured Mudokon followers no longer show prompt to be Healed a second time when hit by Sligs
  • Removed option to Continue to the next level from the End of Level Summary screen when in Level Select mode. This was a bug, Level Select mode is supposed to be self-contained levels!
  • Tweaked cover in The Blimp level so that it is easier to avoid being hit
  • Rebalanced Slig Mama to make it easier to complete the Hijack the Train level.
  • Changed the counter for savable Mudokons in The Ruins so that it now shows the correct figure of 200.
  • The game will no longer crash when run on systems set to Arabic.