Ova Magica enthüllt

Neue Farming-Sim erscheint 2022

News Video Michael Sosinka

Der Publisher Top Hat Studios und der Entwickler ClaudiaTheDev haben die neue Farming-Sim "Ova Magica" enthüllt, die von den Klassikern des Genres inspiriert wurde. Der Titel wird Anfang 2022 für PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X und PlayStation 5 erscheinen.


  • You can grow crops and fruit trees and take care of your blob animals! Work hard to create your own dream farm! You need good products to produce quality feed for your blobs.


  • Blobs hatch from eggs and it’s up to you to train them!
  • Unlike other games, you don’t receive experience points after battle. To make your blobs stronger, you must feed them well, pet them, and use specific skills in battles.
  • Your blobs can also help you with your farm work.


  • You can make friends and build relationships with different characters. Talking, battling, and gifting increases your friendship and unlocks new events, places and more. There are wonderful stories you can experience!

Battle System

  • Fight against other trainers and wild blobs. Experience a strategic Active Time Battle system with a little twist! Attacks throw you back to the ATB bar and can even cancel your current action. Think carefully when it’s time to defend and when to attack. Also plan to use the right skill type to gain elementary advantages.


  • You can explore dangerous mazes where you can find eggs and rare treasures. These dungeons change every time you enter them! In the end a strong blob boss guards the rare eggs. A tough battle awaits you!


  • Grow stronger and unique blobs! You can crossbreed all blobs!
  • Create your dream team and become the strongest trainer.


  • Enjoy many wholesome activities like fishing, bug catching, cooking and more!


  • Gather resources to create new items with the workbench and decorate your farm and home!