Project Lilith in Entwicklung

Dark-Fantasy-Action-Adventure-RPG im Trailer

News Video Michael Sosinka

Der Publisher PlayWay und der Entwickler Soro Games haben das Dark-Fantasy-Action-Adventure-RPG "Project Lilith" enthüllt, das für den PC (via Steam) erscheinen wird, wobei noch kein Veröffentlichungszeitraum genannt wurde. Der Titel orientiert sich sicherlich ein wenig an "Demon's Souls" sowie "Dark Souls" und ist im Gameplay-Trailer zu sehen.

Features von Project Lilith

  • Journey through lands infested with demons and hell spawns, relive the story engulfed with pain and vengeance. Get ready to claim your revenge!
  • Gather different kinds of weaponry. Mix and match equipment to find your own style. Grab Sword and a Shield or go full blast dual-wielding enormous swords. Select from a wide range of different weapons and slay your enemies!
  • Never seen before action combat system. Be ferocious, be ruthless, on top of that be stylish. Fight your way to vengeance with style! Use different combos, keep in mind that different weapons behave differently, block, counter, and use your FINISHER moves to kill off enemies!
  • Scout the dungeons, investigate every corner, and loot your enemies. Gather new equipment and consumables to aid you in your bloody journey.
  • Visit various vendors on your path. Trade, buy, and sell your loot. Vengeance comes at a cost, so be prepared to spend some coin on your upgrades.
  • Use Altars of Power to craft new equipment. Find legendary ingredients to get the most powerful items.
  • Fighting with weapons is just one way to get your desired revenge. Learn new spells and use your inner rage to unleash powerful magic attacks!