PlayStation 3

Motion Controller: Entwicker-Kits bereits bei den Spieleherstellern

News Roger

Wie wir erfahren haben, sind die Entwickler-Kits bezüglich des neuen Motion-Controllers bereits bei den Spieleentwicklern eingetroffen. Diese sind bereits fleissig an der Arbeit.

Die Entwicklungsphase des neuen Controllers ist bereits schon vorbei. Das heisst wir dürfen uns wohl schon ziemlich bald auf den neuen Controller freuen ... früher als gedacht.

But it seems as if Sony’s motion tech is more near completion than previously thought. Sony America marketer Peter Dille told GameSpot that its already found its way into developers hands.

“We’re a little bit past the research phase,” he said. “We’re having conversations with the third-party community. The dev kits have started to go out to the third parties as well. They’re working on the tech. They couldn’t be more excited about it.”

We must admit it did look lots of fun fun aiming arrows at skeletons, as Sony did during its presentation.

That said the smart money would be on Microsoft’s Project Natal arriving before PS3’s own movement detecting device. Not before Wii MotionPlus hits stores though.