Raging Justice angekündigt

Beat 'em Up von ehmaligen Rare-Entwicklern

News Video Michael Sosinka

Team17 hat das Actionspiel "Raging Justice" angekündigt, das von ehemaligen Entwicklern von Rare entwickelt wird. Ein erster Trailer zeigt Gameplay.

Team17 und MakinGames haben heute angekündigt, dass das Beat 'em Up "Raging Justice" im Jahr 2018 für PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 und Switch erscheinen wird. Ein Gameplay-Trailer steht ebenfalls zur Verfügung. Interessanterweise wurde MakinGames von ehemaligen Entwicklern von Rare gegründet.

Features von Raging Justice

  • Bone Crunching Combat: Rain down maximum brutality on merciless criminals in savage side scrolling combat! Battle your way through adrenaline fuelled 2D carnage with unmistakeable classic fighting!
  • Arrest Warrants: Choose between playing by the book, dazing and arresting your foes to gain health and complete level challenges, or take the law into your own hands, arm yourself and deliver a devastating style of justice. With hordes of brutes surrounding you, will you be a good cop or a bad cop? Be warned, actions have consequences…
  • Weapons: Unleash absolute destruction by gearing up with an insane variety of weapons! Smash through a bar fight with a stool, hack and slash through alleys with a knife or mow down mobs in a lawnmower! Justice has never felt so sweet.
  • Local Co-op: Take on the criminal world alone or enlist a partner, to aide you in some co-op carnage! All out annihilation is ensured as you unleash the rage within…just make sure your targets clear, or you may fall victim to the anarchy of friendly fire!
  • Global Leader Board: Forget good cop/bad cop, remove your shades and set your sights on becoming the best cop! As the tensions rises, so does your score. Do you have what it takes to be awesome?