realMyst: Masterpiece Edition für Switch

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News Release-Termin Michael Sosinka

Die Switch-Version von "realMyst: Masterpiece Edition wird am 21. Mai 2020 als Download erscheinen, wie Cyan angekündigt hat. Das Adventure, das 20 Jahre "Myst" feiern soll, ist bereits für PC, Mac, iOS und Android verfügbar.


Features von realMyst: Masterpiece Edition

  • All the original Myst Ages plus bonus Rime Age.
  • Full Myst gameplay and interaction.
  • Dynamic environments – rippling water, falling rain, waving trees, and grass.
  • Advanced graphic effects like bloom, blur, depth of field, etc.
  • Day and night – watch sunsets and sunrises, or explore at night.
  • Flashlight – for exploring dark nights or dark corners.
  • Haunting Myst music score and dynamic 3D sounds.
  • Classic Point-and-Click navigation option – just like original Myst.
  • Free roam interface option – standard navigation controls.
  • Zip Mode in classic navigation – hold down to keep walking.
  • Auto quality option – checks your frame rate and auto-adjust your quality.
  • Interactive Guides – illustrates how to interact with objects.
  • Bring up original Myst images to compare and reminisce.
  • Bookmark feature to save and restore progress.
  • Auto-save to insure you pick up where you left off.
  • realMyst Hint Guide – get past that one puzzle that’s got you stumped.