PC-Update für Red Dead Redemption 2 zum Download

Textur-Rendering wird verbessert

News Michael Sosinka

Rockstar Games hat für die PC-Version von "Red Dead Redemption 2" das Update 1.19 veröffentlicht, das unter anderem Fehler behebt und das Textur-Rendering verbessert.


PC-Update 1.19 - Red Dead Redemption 2

  • Improved texture rendering at the Medium and High quality settings. The game will now show a higher level of texture detail without impacting framerate or requiring more system resources
  • Increased the maximum range of the TAA Sharpening graphics setting. Players can now make the game appear less blurry and match the quality available with external driver solutions
  • Fixed an issue that caused some system configurations to misreport the amount of free video memory available for the game to use
  • Fixed caching issues that caused graphical issues and missing UI that occurred after upgrading a system’s graphics card
  • Also fixed a rendering issue with shimmering/flickering textures near campfires when Parallax Occlusion Mapping was set to Ultra quality
  • Fixed a lighting issue that caused blocky shadow textures around the player. These textures could occur on some systems while Parallax Occlusion Mapping was set to Ultra quality