Returnal für PC bestätigt

Soll früh im Jahr 2023 erscheinen

News Video Karl Wojciechowski

Was sich in Vergangenheit bereits andeutete, wir berichteten, wurde im Rahmen der Game Awards offiziell bestätigt: Das PlayStation 5-exklusive "Returnal" bekommt eine PC-Version. "Returnal" gewann im Jahr 2021 den Award in der Kategorie "Best Action Game" und sahnte früher im jahr auch den begehrten BAFTA Games Award ab. Wann die PC-Version erscheint wurde zwar nicht mitgeteilt. allerdings mit dem Zeitraum "früh im Jahr 2023" eingegrenzt.

Features von Returnal für PC

Co-op Mode:

"In Co-op Mode, share your journey through the shifting labyrinth of Atropos with another PC player.

The hostile nature of Atropos will remain unwavering, but the possibility of teamwork adds a whole new dimension and means of survival.

Each player controls a different version of Selene, from different cycles. Using the Chronosis device located in each biome, the host player summons a friend or is matched with another random online player. The progress of the host determines the available item pool for the duration of the multiplayer session.

Tower of Sisyphus:

Next time you wake at the crash site, look up. You should be able to see a gate towards the Tower of Sisyphus, accessible as long as you’ve unlocked the Icarian Grapnel.

In this Tower, prepare for a new kind of challenge. It’s a nearly endless ascending gauntlet with a pure focus on combat, how high you build up your score and progress, exclusive items, Scout logs and as-yet unseen fragments from Selene’s story.

The Tower of Sisyphus, House sequences and Challenge Mode are not available in Co-op Mode. Cross-play with players on PlayStation®5 consoles is not supported.


• Fight to survive in this third-person roguelike shooter.

• Take on ruthless enemies in explosive, bullet hell-fuelled combat.

• Switch instinctively between firing modes by using a single adaptive trigger – go straight from aiming down sights to your gun’s alternative fire.


• Manage equipment and resources carefully – every time you die, you restart from the beginning.

• Feel in-game actions via haptic feedback, as you explore a world that transforms around you with every cycle.

• Scavenge alien tech for upgrades to enhance your abilities in future cycles.


• Piece together fragments of Selene’s memories as she seeks out answers.

• Forge a personal connection with the planet as you explore its constantly evolving and decaying terrain.

• Uncover the truth as you jump rapidly through portals between worlds, dependent on your PC setup."

Quelle: PlayStation PC LLC