Sony Computer Entertainment

"Firmware Update nicht Schuld an kaputten Hard Drives"


Nach dem Firmware-Update 3.41 meldeten einige User, dass ihre Hard Drives danach gecrasht sind. Nun hat sich Sony zu Wort gemeldet und schiebt die Schuld nicht auf das Update, sondern meint das die Hard Drives selbst das Problem seien.

Sonys Statement:

"We apologize for any inconvenience you are experiencing with upgrading Internal Hard Disc Drive (for PlayStation3) on your PlayStation(R)3 computer entertainment system. The information available to our Consumer Services Department does not suggest that this is a problem PlayStation(R) owners are likely to experience when upgrading the HDD with 3.41update. Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) strongly supports the quality of its products and backs them with full confidence. We ask that you update the previous HDD first to see if the update will go through. Then update from the thumb drive that is formatted in FAT 32 and has the 3.41 update downloaded."
Allerdings wäre es nicht das erste Mal, dass nach einem Firmware Update Problem auf der PS3 auftreten.