Sea of Thieves kostenlos spielbar

Zweiter Geburtstag wird mit verschiedenen Aktionen gefeiert

News Michael Sosinka

Das Online-Piraten-Abenteuer "Sea of Thieves" wird zwei Jahre alt. Um das zu feiern, hat Rare verschiedene Aktionen angekündigt (siehe Übersicht). Ausserdem ist "Sea of Thieves" an diesem Wochenende kostenlos spielbar.

Play Sea of Thieves free this weekend

  • To start with, an incentive if you're not one of the millions of pirates who've joined us on the seas already: Sea of Thieves is part of the Xbox Free Play Days this weekend, and will be free for all Xbox Live subscribers to play until March 23rd! Don't worry about being a late starter as all new pirates are eased into the game via the Maiden Voyage, a narrative-driven tutorial experience that provides guidance and information to fledgling sailors.

Enter the Heart of Fire

  • Let's not forget this month's free content update, Heart of Fire. Live since March 12th, this update brings the next fiery Tall Tale to Sea of Thieves, Athena's Run Voyages for Pirate Legends and some brand new missiles in the form of chainshot for your cannons and throwable Blunderbombs.

Bag the Anniversary Eye of Reach

  • What would a birthday be without a present? If you play Sea of Thieves between Thursday, March 19th and Friday, March 27th, you'll get the very special, very golden 'X Marks the Spot' Eye of Reach! For those of you who will want to equip it straight away, don't worry – the weapon will appear in your armoury immediately upon entering the game.

Snap up the skeletal Spinal Figurehead

  • As made famous in Rare's '90s fighting game Killer Instinct (and resurrected for the modern version in 2013), Spinal can be claimed for the front of your ship just by watching Sea of Thieves' anniversary stream at on Friday, March 20th. Make sure your Microsoft and Sea of Thieves accounts are linked so that you qualify for this MixPot item, sign in and join us there from 5pm-7pm GMT!

Set sail with Ori and the Will of the Wisps

  • If you're joining Sea of Thieves via Game Pass Ultimate, don't forget you can also claim the wonderful Ori-inspired ship set to carry you into adventure. This gorgeous new livery is available exclusively to Game Pass Ultimate subscribers from March 18th.

Relive some of Sea of Thieves' greatest moments

  • From Friday, March 20th, pirates will also be able relive some of the greatest Sea of Thieves moments from the last two years. Take a truncated tour through The Hungering Deep, Cursed Sails and Forsaken Shores to bag cosmetics previously limited to the first time these updates launched. For example, if you hadn't taken to the seas or missed your chance to bag Merrick's drum the first time around, you'll have the opportunity to earn it now – allowing everyone to get a taste of some of the events they might have missed from year one!

Turn the seas red with Bleeding Edge

  • The fun doesn't stop there. From March 30th, you'll also be able to unlock some awesome Bleeding Edge ship cosmetics. Pirates will be challenged throughout the week with three objectives, and motivated to complete them with stunning Bleeding Edge-inspired sail, flag and hull designs.