Termin für Seven Knights: Time Wanderer

Neue Videos stellen das RPG vor

News Release-Termin Michael Sosinka

Netmarble hat bestätigt, dass das Rollenspiel "Seven Knights: Time Wanderer" am 5. November 2020 für die Nintendo Switch erscheinen wird. Ausserdem wurden mehrere Videos veröffentlicht, die den Titel etwas näher beleuchten.

Main Story

  • An adventure unfolds while finding Time Crystals in different dimensions. New friends and various challenges await along the road. Each episode takes place in a different time and place. New maps, characters, and events present countless new experiences.

Hidden Stories

  • Discover the fascinating backstories of the game’s characters. Listen to their stories and discover their goals. Complete quests to earn rewards by helping other characters achieve their goals.

Real-Time Turn-Based Battles

  • Battles take place in real-time. Spectacular graphics and skill animations.
    • An adrenaline-filled battle that takes place in real-time.
    • Astonishing skill animations and graphics perfectly customized for each character.
  • A battle system with elements and leverage. Perform lethal attacks with strike skills.
    • Utilize four elements and their leverages to find the best strategy.
    • Turn the tables with a strike skill.


  • Revisit dimensions where Vanessa has a strong connection to friends. Reunite Vanessa with her allies and get materials for fostering their friendships.


  • A treasure hunter named Clemyth mistakenly enters the Room of Sand, which triggers her special power to create a dimension called Lunanyx. Get crucial buffs by challenging Lunanyx. Enter Lunanyx to get points used for restoring relics to help craft equipment.