Update 1.03 für Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2

Anpassungen & Verbesserungen

News Michael Sosinka

CI Games hat das Update 1.03 für den Taktik-Shooter "Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2" veröffentlicht, mit dem verschiedene Anpassungen und Verbesserungen vorgenommen werden (siehe Changelog).


Added various HUD customization options, so you can now:

  • disable all HUD elements completely - great for taking screenshots and admiring the games beauty
  • disable the wind indicator & bullet drop in your scope
  • disable the map / enemy radar found in the bottom left corner of your screen
  • disable hitmarkers
  • disable gore independently from blood

Difficulty changes

  • Automatic health generation on 'Dead Eye' difficulty has been disabled
  • Automatic health generation on 'Sniper Veteran' difficulty has been slightly decreased


  • Improved displaying challenge descriptions in all supported languages
  • The "Kill everyone in the village without raising the alarm and rescue Taj Taheer" challenge is now unlocked properly, even after loading the game

Other improvements, tweaks & bug fixes

  • The game will now indicate when an enemy spotter sees you with their binoculars, similar to snipers
  • Removed one enemy in the Mount Kuamar region that sometimes spawned inside walls. You're a free man again Gary!
  • AI will recognise the player quicker in close range
  • AI will react faster to grenades thrown
  • Enemy AI should no longer spawn in the player's field of vision on rare occasions.
  • The Road in Ronald Payne's outpost no longer flickers during Bullet Cams
  • Improvements to ambient audio in caves
  • Improvements to various player animations
  • Fixed various instances in which a player could get stuck between objects
  • Jammers and spotlights functionality has been made more consistent
  • Fixed rare issue in which part of the Mount Kuamar region was not being loaded properly
  • Additional performance and stability improvements
  • Various bug & typo fixes.