Termin für Splitgate: Arena Warfare

Mischung aus Halo & Portal

News Release-Termin Michael Sosinka

1047 Games wird schon bald den kostenlosen Sci-Fi-Multiplayer-First-Person-Shooter "Splitgate: Arena Warfare" für den PC veröffentlichen.

1047 Games hat angekündigt, dass der Sci-Fi-Multiplayer-First-Person-Shooter "Splitgate: Arena Warfare" am 22. Mai 2019 als Free-to-Play-Titel für den PC (Steam) erscheinen wird. Man könnte das Ganze als eine Mischung aus "Halo" und "Portal" bezeichnen, da Portale geöffnet werden, um die schnellen Gefechte zu bestreiten.

Features von Splitgate: Arena Warfare

  • Fly. Flank. Frag. - Constant movement is encouraged and rewarded as players strategically place portals to FLY, FLANK and FRAG through the air to create incredible, previously-impossible highlights.
  • 1-50 Ranking System - Instead of a complicated and convoluted matchmaking system,Splitgate: Arena Warfare uses a simple, intuitive 1-50 ranking system determined purely on player wins and losses, cutting down on in-game griefing while providing little incentive for player boosting.
  • Equal Playing Field - Players start each match with the same loadout, eliminating any unfair advantages from the start. Power weapons spawn on a timer across the map, and players are encouraged to use these powerful weapons to achieve montage-worthy killstreaks.
  • Easy to Learn, Difficult to Master - Standard FPS controls and intuitive portal mechanics mean beginners are up and running right off the bat. However, players must constantly evolve strategies and their ability to think with portals in order to outsmart one another. The skill cap is unlimited.