Age of Rebellion-Update für Star Wars Battlefront 2

Release am morgigen Mittwoch

News Release-Termin Michael Sosinka

DICE wird am 26. Februar 2020 das umfangreiche "Age of Rebellion"-Update für "Star Wars Battlefront 2" veröffentlichen, das die alte Trilogie wieder aufleben lässt. Man darf sich unter anderem auf zwei neue Reinforcements (Ewok-Hunter und ISB-Agent), neue Waffen, Helden-Verbesserungen, sieben "Age of Rebellion"-Koop-Karten sowie noch viel mehr freuen.


Ewok Hunter

  • Joining the Rebellion will be the Ewok Hunter, a Reinforcement option we know that many of you have been talking about since we first released Ewok Hunt back in 2018. The Ewok Hunter is a cunning bundle of fur that hunts its prey with bow, spear, and Wisties.
  • The Ewok Hunter’s primary weapon will be its Hunter’s Bow which has dual firing modes. When the bow uses its default zoom (i.e. no zoom), it will pick out targets for you to fire at, similar to Lando’s Dead Eye ability. When zoomed, you’ll have manual aim control for far greater control and the ability to hold your draw longer to increase maximum speed and damage. When firing the bow, the Ewok Hunter does not appear on scanners.
  • Should the Ewok Hunter find themselves in a situation that requires more damage and resistance, the ability Valiant Horn comes into play. Blowing the horn will not only improve their attacks, but will also grant them additional damage resistance. Be warned, though, while Valiant Horn is active, the Ewok Hunter will constantly appear on enemy scanners. Also at their disposal will be their trusty Wisties Pouch. Bring a little bit of Endor with you, no matter which battlefront you’re on and throw these fierce fire sprites towards a nearby enemy to disrupt and inflict burn damage to them. Activate Hunter’s Instinct and the Ewok Hunter will draw upon their natural instincts, allowing them to uncover and single out weakened opponents.

ISB Agent

  • For the Galactic Empire, the ISB Agent will be joining the ranks, providing the Empire with their first opportunity of a dual wielding character.
  • Armed with two RK-3 blasters, the ISB Agent is skilled in intelligence gathering and close combat, working tirelessly to rout the enemies of the Empire.
  • The ISB Agent excels at getting in and out of combat zones, especially when her Assault Training ability is activated. While under the effects of Assault Training, the ISB Agent will benefit from increased sprint speed, during which she gains an overall damage reduction.
  • Locating enemies of the Empire is made easier thanks to the Imperial Intel ability. Once activated, the ISB Agent will scan the nearby area to reveal the 4 closest enemies. The number of enemies revealed will be increased by defeating more while it’s active, up to a total of 10.
  • Double Your Effort is her final ability and empowers nearby allies by regenerating their base health. It can only be used if there’s an ally in range.

Age of Rebellion Co-Op

  • The Age of Rebellion will be coming to Co-Op with a total of 7 locations. We’re particularly excited about bringing both Kessel and Jabba’s Palace to Co-Op, but equally so as to be returning to the likes of Tatooine, Death Star II, and other favourites.
  • The full list of Age of Rebellion planets coming to Co-Op is as follows:
    • Yavin
    • Death Star II
    • Endor
    • Hoth
    • Tatooine
    • Kessel
    • Jabba’s Palace

Capital Ship Co-Op

  • With Supremacy, we have created a number of Capital Ships; the Venator, Dreadnaught, MC85 Star Cruiser, and the First Order Resurgent-class Star Destroyer. In February, we start the process of bringing these ships into Co-Op, meaning they will be standalone maps for you to attack and defend, starting with the Republic Venator and Separatist Dreadnaught.

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