Update 7 für Surviving the Aftermath veröffentlicht

Wachen & kriminelle Aktivitäten

News Video Michael Sosinka

Paradox Interactive und die Iceflake Studios das "Update 7: Law & Order" für das postapokalyptische Kolonie-Aufbauspiel "Surviving the Aftermath" veröffentlicht, das sich im Early-Access für den PC und die Xbox One befindet. Eingebaut wird ein neues Kriminalitäts-System sowie Möglichkeiten, die Ordnung wiederherzustellen. Details gibt es im Video und Changelog.


  • Hostile colonists:
    • Colonists can now turn hostile against each other, if their happiness gets too low.
    • Survivor groups can sometimes contain hostile colonists.
  • Colonist Guards:
    • Colonist guards can now be used to improve defense against attacks and to handle hostile colonists in the colony.
    • Guards can use weapons if they are available. Weapons make them more effective against enemies.
    • Guards patrol around the Guard Post buildings.
  • Malnutrition: [Community request]
    • Colonists now track what type of food they have eaten.
    • Food is divided into three groups. Meats, vegetables and basic. Basic food keeps hunger away, but to avoid malnutrition colonists need a balanced diet of meats and vegetables.
    • Eating only one type of food causes malnutrition.
    • Different foods affect malnutrition in different amounts, meals are always the best food to eat.
  • New event features:
    • 16 new events.
    • Some events have several steps and they might reoccur based on the selections in the previous event.
    • Events can now involve societies found from the World Map.
    • Event results can now increase or decrease the reputation between the colony and a society.
    • Resource amounts and rewards from events now scale based on the colony's resource amount.
  • New weapon resource type added that can be produced in Gunsmith, or found in the World Map. Guards equip weapons if available.
  • Mouse cursor now shows different states, such as loading, attacking enemy, scouting a sector etc. [Community request]
  • Colonists and enemies in melee combat no longer stack over each other. [Community request]
  • Notifications added for combat damage and for spawning enemies. [Community request]
  • Tech tree has new technologies that unlock Gunsmith and Guard post buildings.
  • Tooltips added to the tech tree and trade menu.


  • The Sandworm is changed to do ranged attacks instead of melee attacks.
  • Enemy unit spawn points improved inside the colony. [Community request]
  • Some bandits now target buildings instead of colonists.
  • Colonists no longer chase enemies too far from their start location.


  • Health bars are now hidden when the unit hasn’t taken damage in a while. [Community request]
  • The roads are now rendered in a completely new way with new graphics.
  • Colonist and Building info panel tabs moved from the edge of the window to inside of the window.
  • Fallout catastrophe now has a more intense acid rain effect.
  • Colonists now have guard and hostile versions of themselves.
  • Sawmill now shows electricity effects during magnetic storms.
  • Animal textures have been updated that makes them easier to spot from the environment. [Community request]


  • Increased bandit health and decreased their damage overall to make combats last longer.
  • Colonists at the gate now have slightly stronger defense against attacks.
  • Increased Fuel value and decreased Oil value, to make trading refined Fuel profitable.
  • Weapons added to world map locations.
  • Meals are now more expensive to produce, but they have higher nutritional value than normal food.